ConneXions Introduces you to Jodi's new Book!
This book is groundbreaking!! 
Jodi introduces a mind-blowing concept of, 
"You Are NOT Not Enough." 
Jodi explains that you are not a Soul that is measured by "ENOUGHNESS" 
Jodi's vulnerable style helps you understand each principle as she teaches. 
This book invites people to engage the principles of connection, what distortion is, and how to choose the foundational principles of Honest, Responsible, and Humble in order to battle the lie of distortion, 
    The book will be available by October 2019! 
Be the first one to get a copy!

Read and learn how to connect not only yourself but your ENTIRE FAMILY!! ORDER TODAY!! 
Once you order, your copy will be shipped early October 2019!!
This book is the first of many more to come!  

Bless you and may we all desire to live Connected!!

ConneXions Team
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